Bali: April 16- MAY 2nd 2019

The flight from Singapore to Bali is just 2 hours 40 minutes and it took almost that long to get through the airport, even without baggage to collect and get a taxi to our hotel.

We are familiar with Sanur and like it’s less than hectic vibe. This time we were staying at a different hotel from our other visits and have been pleasantly impressed so far.

Our room is large, big bed, good aircon, decent sized bathroom and with cleaning daily, breakfast included along with a shady pool area to relax at the $30 a night price tag is sitting very comfortably with us.

As usual we prefer to eat at the local night food market, where for around $5 we eat some delicious street food as well as often striking up conversations with other tourists, many who come from Europe to Sanur.

Shopping in Bali isn’t the bargain it once was with a lot of the clothing better value at K Mart but I bought a new lava lava or sarong depending on where you come from and a couple of pairs of long pants which I probably didn’t barter enough for but as I said to James what the heck I’d rather give the money to someone who’s life it more impacts on than a large conglomerate. The stalls are quiet here and I think it’s been like that for quite a few years now.

Our taxi driver from the airport told us he had worked for the same boss over twenty years and the bosses are mostly Chinese. He gets paid the equivalent of Australia $250 a month which almost half goes on rent for two rooms, the other half on food and schooling.

The days have been spent waking and eating breakfast anytime and heading

to our favourite cafe The Owl which in our opinion has the best coffee in Sanur.

We also find the food flavoursome and not much more than the market.

Not too many long walks as it’s too humid but the evening is much more pleasant for strolling around the town or walk along the ocean side.

The one thing you need to know about Bali is that differs seasons the beaches attract the rubbish. At the moment Sanur is copping it and Kuta area is probably ok. So a walk on the beach side this time of year here can be disappointing, though we managed to get a few good shots.

One has a cruise ship leaving Benoa Harbour and another you probably have to look really hard but there’s about a dozen dogs having a nap under the shade of a tree.

Locals enjoying the beach late afternoon.

Luckily we are more interested in relaxing by the shady pool with our hotels wifi while we check out some house sits for the UK.

Yes we’ve had a change of plans, instead of travelling through Asia for the next three months or so we have decided to cut away sooner and head to the UK for their summer.

We just loved our time there last year and when James mentioned he wouldn’t mind going up before we head to Spain I thought why not. We love the countryside and all the history so with house sitting we’re getting everything we want. A real home that has all the comforts of home, a dog or two to take on walks and have some adventures with, discovering new areas to walk in and pubs and cafes or a cat or two for some lap love. Of course the fact that no money exchanges hands means we are able to stay there longer and spend our money on a rental car and doing some touristy things.

We’re thrilled with the sits we have confirmed so far and really looking to living like real locals, the face time with the home owners has been awesome because they’re all just super lovely people.

James has just about shaken the cold he picked up on the last few days of the cruise and that’s another good reason to just chill out here while he gets better.

Luckily by Friday 26th he’s well enough to hire a motor scooter and we take a ride over to Legian, Seminyak and then to Canggu where we found a great little place that served meals and let you use the pool just up the road from Finns beach club.

How good did that pool feel after a few hours riding and walking! Bliss pure Bliss.

It was a great change of pace and I think next time we’ll look at staying over that way for a new take on Bali.

As much as we’ve loved Sanur it seems very quiet and after four visits here it’s probably time to shake it up.

The following day and still having the scooter we decided to take a ride to Nusa Dua and just maybe we might surprise Christine and Tony at their super flash resort The Melia.

The ride there was a highlight as we got to experience riding over the incredible bridge on the motorcycle track which was awesome.

We did indeed surprise Christine and Tony by the pool and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours chatting overlooking the beautiful beach front.

They were living the life over there that’s for sure.

Our last few days and been spent walking down a few back streets and discovering a bit more of Sanur, plenty of pool relaxing where we get to meet some of the other pool guests including Melissa, Enzo and their little fella Max. They gave us the heads up on a great app for Indonesia called GoJek check it out if you’re coming over here to Bali.

We’ve had some great laughs with them and will hopefully meet them again sometime, somewhere in the world if not Australia where they also come from.

Melissa and Max making friends at the hotel with some locals on holiday.

Isn’t this a great petrol station below.

All the crew going for a locals cremation. not to be mistaken for a happy street parade.just saying!

James and Ratty.

James and Ninja, well we call all black cats Ninja after our one.

Found this lovely restaurant down a lane way. Cheap food, great atmosphere and decor.

All of a sudden it was our last full day, so after breakfast and our usual coffee at The Owl, where the girls wanted to take photos with us, James hit the gym and then we had our last 90 minute massage with complimentary hair wash. We decided we would hit the beach side cafe Luhtus which in the past had been our go to hang for our last lunch.

Back to our hotel before it was time to get ready grab a Go Jek to Legian to meet Bruce and Anne Doyle for drinks and dinner. Great night great company, yummy food, a bottle of wine for the girls and coffee espresso martini’s all round to finish the night.

And now it’s time to pack those bags again and fly back to Singapore for our family holiday with Allison, Scott, Andrew and Jett.

Another adventure awaits.

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