Wherever I lay my hat down, that’s where I call home. Great words from that famous song and so true.Our first impression of our cabin was that of another saying by the three stooges ” we lived in shoebox in middle of road” . Of course by the time we unpacked our four bags and stored them with any additional clothing and toiletries under our beds that three day rule came into play. 

You can get used to most things within three days and as usual that played out to be true and within a few days we were all feeling comfortable and at ” home”.

In fact whenever we come back on board we always have a banter with the staff ” honey we’re home” and they often say ” welcome home honey “.

Our cabin is long but narrow and we made the decision to change the bed from double to singles to give us more room and allow us to put one single bedside table between the beds. This gave us easier access to the bags stored under the beds as well.

We are now very comfortable and it very much feels like our little studio apartment.

Of course there are many many many advantages of living on a ship. No cooking, cleaning and not even having to shop for the groceries is a major bonus as is the one unpack.

Each day there is a patter with all the events on for the day as well as weather forecasts, dress code for the night and other information for the day.

To be honest we check the events for the day and work out our evening plans and don’t normally participate in many of the other events. The weather has till now been so great that we have spent lots of time poolside reading, sleeping, chatting with new friends, swimming and eating lunch there. 

It’s incredible how quick the day can go doing not much at all. 

A normal ship day would usually include breakfast either in the dining room or in the horizon court if we’re late waking. A quick gym session of weights, poolside time and one thing that James has taken up is the ukele in fact today July 6th is the day of the second choir and ukele performance for the cruise. James has also been lucky to meet a fellow guest John who has been kindly giving him some private lessons as well. This has gave James the opportunity to pick up a ukele in Santorini as a nice souvenir and means to practice his new musical skills.
Yesterday was a sea day and our evening consisted of a 6 pm show put on by the sea princess singers and dancers, we then went to the captain circle cocktail party to meet the new captain, ( we managed 3 drinks in the time there) and then it was onto dinner in the dining room and a final show by a comedian. By then it is 10:30 pm and we headed up for a cuppa in the Horizon dining area before bed. 
We are nearing half way through with the end of the second sector finishing next Monday the 10 th of July. We have met quite a lot of lovely people and sadly some of them leave us at Dover to return home and back to their lives. 

Which means that a whole new group of people will embark at Dover and new Friends to meet and make.

We are now firmly entrenched in life on the sea and it seems unfathomable at this point that we will one day pull up at port and it will be our time to get off.

Fortunately we still have plenty of time left onboard to enjoy the great ports coming up. 

One of the most important facets of happy living onboard is the staff that we have. There is no words to express how wonderful they are. We are so so lucky to be spoilt and treated like royalty by all these incredible people who have made their career a life at sea.

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  1. OMG it all sounds fantastic. I hope I can talk Oleh into it one day soon. Glad your still pounding away at gym. We are on our first baby sitting duty tonight. So far so go. Love to both of you Annette & Oleh


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