So so different to the Suez Canal, The Panama was a marvellous day watching with great interest the wonderful engineering that is the workings of The Panama Canal.

With our late departure from Cartagena our transit through the canal started a little later which was probably fine by all of us onboard as we were able to get up and breakfast before finding our positions to watch the first loch approach.

During the day we again as we did with the Suez, moved around from side to side, back to front and relaxed by the pool and enjoyed several dips in as it was a steamy hot day.

It was basically a full 12 hours from start of our transit till 8:30 pm when Captain Aldo came on speaker to say we were officially through and into the Pacific Ocean again and about to farewell our pilot boat.

 The first lochs were the Gatun lochs and there were three we needed to transit through.

The photo below is of our approach and our first opportunity to see the canal in operation. 

And then it was our turn. 

It’s a tight fit!!! Literally inches to spare each side.

We were still using the old transit. The new one which opened last year is for the newer bigger ships that they’re now building and only goes one way at a time.

In between the three lots of lochs we had to go through there are lakes and islands with lots of beautiful rainforests and crocodiles! 

We were lucky to see one of the lochs completely empty as they were doing maintenance on it and it gives you a great chance to see the depth and a real perspective of the massive gates. 

 Our last gate opened just as dark was falling.

After we were through it wasn’t long till the lights of Panama City came into view. 

One freaky cloud with an evil face appeared.

Below are a few more photos from our day. 

The first is a photo of our ship passing under the Americas bridge. 



Note the workers walking along the gates in below photo.

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