Bali, rarely disappoints and especially not when you’ve arrived business class.

Having secured these flights in the Boxing Day sales ( hard to turn down $426 each for business class) we were looking forward to experiencing the ” turn left” when entering the plane.

It certainly felt worth the price tag with the extra leg room, champagne and other little luxuries that we don’t normally have and it was a relaxed and happy couple that arrived in Bali to our waiting driver.

This is our third time to Bali together, James fourth and my fifth in total.

We have stayed in Sanur each time we have been here together.( we’ve also spent time in Ubud and Seminyak).

We feel very comfortable and instantly in our comfort zone, like putting on your favourite slippers and start settling into our 30 day stay.


Having announced on Facebook that we were here should anyone wish to catch up it was thrilling to have a message from our buddies Cheryl and Phil Basley from W.A that they were not only in Bali but also in Sanur! With them leaving Thursday afternoon for home we quickly secured a coffee date and were pleased that their favourite coffee spot on the waterfront was also the one we also favour when here.

We haven’t seen them since meeting them on our honeymoon tour of Europe in 2010, though we keep in contact via Facebook. Cheryl is a one in a million sweetheart and Phil is the most gorgeous Aussie fella that anyone who has them in their life is blessed.

That 2010 tour secured friendships that go beyond countries, ages, cultural and religious backgrounds and we are hopeful that there will be a reunion tour sometime, ( will need to get that sorted).
That afternoon was seeing the arrival of Michael and Maani ( James son and girlfriend) to stay 3 nights in Sanur allowing us to have some quality catch ups.

That night we took them to the local night market for dinner, our favourite eating place where chicken soup filled with vegetables is $1 and 10 sate sticks usually less than $2.

It has a great vibe and frequented by locals and tourists.

FRIDAY 15th:

Old neighbours of James and friends to us both Lynn and Steve Bolton have been holidaying in Nusa Dua at the very luxurious Sofitel and had invited us all over for a visit, by coincidence their son Mitchell and Michael share a house together so it was great to all hook up in Nusa Dua for a few hours floating in the incredible pool there.

The pool is accessed from right outside their villa you walk out on the patio and walk into the pool, like an alleyway leading into the main pool via lush gardens and under bridges, totally cool.

That night was football and after a disappointing loss from Penrith to the Broncos, Maani helped make the decision for dinner on the beach. Great choice and very happy bellies that made their way home that night.


It has become our habit after breakfast to walk to the coffee shop on the waterfront for a little slice of people watching and relaxing with our coffee and or juice before contemplating what else we’d like to do.

The young folk were off exploring and we met up at the Glasshouse ( another previous favourite of ours) for happy hour ( really 3 hours) cocktails and beers before the boys went on to watch the football, this time Parramatta loosing to the Cowboys! Not thinking that venue is good luck for them to be honest.

Maani and I decided it was time for some girl time and we headed off for Maani’s first facial. The spa was quite professional and although I thought the girls a little firm handed than I’d have liked we both managed to fall asleep while waiting for our masks to dry, so I think you could say it was all told a fairly relaxing experience.

We joined the boys for the last half of the game and then went on to The Porch restaurant for dinner with a stop at the MONA LISA restaurant for desert, we had had coffee there previously and seen they did creme brûlée which James and Maani had, again a first for Maani.
SUNDAY 17th:

Young folk were heading off to Uluwatu for their final days of holiday and we booked a driver to take us to Padang Pai to visit our friend Eric at his and wife Jacqui’s villa there. Unfortunately Jacqui had already returned home to Woy Woy but we had a fabulous overnight stay with Eric.

After being WOWED by their view.

We took off in Eric’s hire car to the Palace waterfalls to swim in the Kings pool and have lunch there. Glorious!

A little snooze back at the villa followed by drinks upstairs before heading off to the resort restaurant completed a wonderful day.

A relaxed morning breakfast on Sunday bought us to time to say goodbye to the Villa Henry at Bloo Lagoon.

Eric drove us back to Sanur and was only fitting that we should take him to our coffee spot before he headed off back to his little slice of paradise. Thanks for the stay Eric it was fantastic.
We dined at the local market that night and slept like babies.

After our ritual coffee stop we walked along The waterfront for about an hour before turning back and stopping for a couple of Bintang’s and chatting with a couple from the U.K.

We had arranged for a driver from our guesthouse to drive us to Uluwatu for a five pm catch up with Michael and Maani for their last full night and to watch the sunset from the bar at Single Fin where Michael had made a booking, great idea it was packed and we had a great view as we sipped down a few cocktails and beers and sharing plates before we finished off with dinner there as well. I can highly recommend the pineapple marguerita’s.

We’ve really enjoyed our time with Michael and Maani as we have catching up with our friends as well.

Hard to believe that tonight, the 20 th marks only our first week here.

There are no more catch ups that we know of so we’ll get down to the gritty of everyday life of ” Offtolivetheworld where budgets must be looked at, planning for next few stops must be done and I’d like to get back into my Duolingo Spanish. James has his new beaut Ukele to get out of its case and there’s walks and coffee and books to get read as well. Ahhh life on the road. 

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