December 20th.

After a day doing not too much except the Deutsches Museum and moving to the hotel our tour was leaving from, 6pm rolled around and it was time to meet the tour director and other tour members for a quick run down on a few housekeeping issues for the trip. After the quick meeting James and I headed back to the Greek restaurant close by for our last meal. They treated us to a nip of ouzo at the end of our meal and wished us safe travels so that was a pleasant end to our stay in Munich.

All very civilised the next morning with breakfast at 7.30 am and on the bus for an 8:30 departure with our first stop to be at Nuremberg. Very glad we spent the day there on the Tuesday as it was a only a two hour stop and it was raining whereas Tuesday had been a beautiful clear day. We Spent our time having coffee and cake and a tour of the medieval dungeons with a quick walk through the streets back to the bus.

We scored the front seats on the bus which was a bonus as we will be rotating every day and this was one of the longest driving days.

Headed into Prague about 5pm and what a groovy old hotel the international is, she sure is a grand old lady and we could not be happier with our room which is extremely large and comfortable.

We didn’t sign up for the optional dinner at 48€ each we decided we were more keen to hop on the tram and head into the old town to catch it in all its Christmas glory.

Prague was looking simply stunning and we spent three and a half hours wandering around and grabbing something to eat and of course a beer.

Friday the 22nd and we had an included tour of part of the city, which we went on then left the group at 11 am.

The municipal building has a grand feel from days gone by and we booked a tour through it and also tickets for a couture exhibition there as well. But before that we enjoyed coffee and cake in the restaurant.

The tour was excellent, really great guide who was knowledgeable without throwing so much at you, you wouldn’t take it in.

After there we attacked an art gallery with exhibitions by Salvidor Dali, Andy Warhol and Alfons Mucha. All terrific and really informative.

By then we were happy to catch the bus back to hotel and relax before meeting everyone for dinner at 7.

Saturday 23rd and it’s off to Vienna and a tour of the town. James and I have been here three times in the last seven years so didn’t take many photos during the day.

but after arriving at our hotel in the afternoon we quickly headed back in towards town to catch a couple of the Christmas markets. It’s not just the stalls but the decorations, lights, and atmosphere that really are the winning combination that pull you in to these markets.

All too soon it was the 24th December and we hopped on the bus and off to Schonbrunn Palace, where some were doing the inside tour. Having done that twice already we walked the gardens and up to the Gloriette to enjoy the view back over the gardens, the palace and beyond to the Vienna woods.

It was so glorious with so few people around to really enjoy the serenity…

A coffee and stroll around the Christmas markets before getting back on bus and heading back into the city for a few hours free time and then it was off to BUDAPEST.

we have been so lucky with the hotels on this tour, due to the low season pricing we’ve been scoring much better hotels in great spots.

What can you say about Budapest, except she’s beautiful and a Christmas Eve Danube Cruise was a lovely way to spend the evening and have some fun with the tour group.

Christmas morning and after breakfast we had an included sightseeing tour taking in all the usual sights, Heroes Square, Parliament House, fisherman’s bastion and then it was back to the hotel for Christmas lunch.

We had planned to go to Gellert Spa in The afternoon and we were joined by Karen and Terry from Willoughby for a lovely walk there and back and a wonderful couple of hours floating around in the luxurious surrounds of these thermal pools.

And then it was time to pack our bags for Salzburg.

It was almost dark by the time we arrived after stopping for lunch on the way at Melk to see the ornate inside of their monastery.

We checked out the bus timetable and headed into the old town hopefully to catch the last of their Christmas market which was finishing that day. They were just starting the pack down when we arrived but we still got a taste of what it was like and after a couple of lovely hours strolling around we headed back for the hotel and call it a day.

The next morning the 27 th we had an excursion about the sound of music and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Really saw some parts of the city we wouldn’t know were there and the local guide was excellent.

I am sixteen going on seventeen………..

James outside the convent where sister Maria went.

We had another couple of hours in the town before we all climbed aboard for our drive back to Munich and our farewell dinner.

We have really enjoyed our Cosmos tour and everyone was friendly and good company.

The youngest 13 and the oldest not quite sure but I know someone turned 68 on the tour.

So we waved and hugged everyone goodbye as we all leave for our next adventures and we take a flight to London.

2 Replies to “COSMOS TOUR 20-28th DECEMBER 2017″”

  1. What a wonderful tour…. it must be hard not to keep buying at these Chrissy markets.. I would have soo many bags of goodies…..xx


  2. Oh your tour looked fabulous guys. I’m loving all the photos you putting up as well, brings back memories from when we were there. When are you in Oz again ( I forget ) Love Annette


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