Civitivecchia , Italy June 28th

Okay so off the ship and met our driver for the day Alberto. A day trip with only eight of us. James was the token born and bred Australian, I was the only Ausiwi and the rest Kiwis. Off to the town of Tuscania. 

Lots of medieval buildings, churches and the requisite cute alley ways. What was nice was to be able to peep over into their gardens and see all their vegetables growing etc. 

We had our first rain of the trip today so we’ve been incredibly lucky, and even today it hit hard and fast and over quickly. 

We spent a pleasant little stop drinking cappuccinos for 1€ ( my first coffee in a while) and this is the first trip I can say the coffee overseas has been mostly great. 

This is James, Maxilyn and Rob, as we finish our drinks before we went spying into the nunnery. 

We love visiting these old towns and this was so refreshing as we had it practically to ourselves, we did see a tour group coming in just as we were about to leave.

Next stop was to a bigger town with a great museum. And a great view out of the window.

Off to the tombs out of town and wow how cool were these! they were just awesome.

There were 22 open today so lots to walk down and see. 

While we were looking at these, two of the ladies wandered into the nearby village and found a lovely providore for us to have lunch at. We also had a wine and James and Duncan had a beer. The wine was delicious so we all bought a couple of bottles to bring back on. 

Next and final stop was to a castle on the coast, the wind was up so you could get the feel of how desolate it would have felt in the olden days living there. This castle had some great glass inlays over the original dirt floors showing graves buried underneath and some lovely costumes and armour from days of olde.

This day was a great alternative to going into Rome where we had been before and would rather go again when we have time to stay a while. The countryside is also a bonus when on these trips out of port.

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