Good grief just when you think you’ve seen all the wonderful ports or cities, you float into Valletta in Malta and the port area surrounds stuns you once again.

We were scheduled to arrive at midday but came in a little earlier just after 11am.

The We had another private tour booked and met our guide and driver and had a brilliant day touring.

Our first stop was the town area of Valletta and the Cathedral of Saint John. Wowsers everything gold was real gold leaf. It was incredible.

Then it was up to the gardens on top of the embankment overlooking the harbour below. ( picture above). Stunning views and a pretty respite from the city for the locals as well as tourists.

Next stop was the Blue Grotto with a boat ride to see the caves and a chance for James and I to have a quick dip.

Next stop after eating yet another ice cream ( a habit formed quickly here in Europe) was to the oldest known buildings in the world! Even older than the Pyramids.

Our guide was superb and really added to the day. 

Last stop was to the Mdina. Time for a quick walking tour and cold drink with something to eat. Food was delicious and fairly cheap. 

Too soon it was time to head back to the ship. We did head back into Valletta but didn’t stay in for dinner. We were pooped. We had a meal at the horizon court and went to the show featuring local folklore singers and a dancer which was tops. The dancer was a style of flamenco, belly dancing and tango all in one.

Next it was time to head up for sail away and wave Malta goodbye and of course to celebrate the Kiwis winning the Americas Cup. 

Another outstanding day. 

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