Santorini Monday 19th June

It was an early wake up as we came up to top of ship to watch our entrance into Santorini and watch the sunrise over her cliffs. The picture above is our home “The beautiful and friendly Sea Princess” at anchor for our incredible day at our first port in the Mediterranean. 

Excitement mounted and there were a lot of extremely happy travellers disembarking for all their tours or just walking around soaking it up.

We had a private tour booked and joined our fellow tourists for a day that had us covering a lot of ground. We took in both the red and black beaches, a monastery, archaeological ruins, Oia and the town above where the ship anchored, this meant a ride to the top to join our guides, either by donkey, walking or cable car. Time was short so we took the cable car which afforded beautiful vistas all the way up. 

It was a photo fest day as we clicked away but still made sure to put them away and soak it all up. 

Relaxing with a pizza and beer overlooking the harbour at the close of our day with dreams of returning another time.

Before we knew it the day was over and we headed back to the ship for our sail away.

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