The Suez Canal Saturday June 17 th 

I guess we’ve all heard of the Suez Canal and it didn’t disappoint, travelling through starting at 4 am in the morning we were the lead ship of a convoy of 28 ships going through that day. 

You are of course travelling through Egypt the whole way and there was indeed a lot of dessert to see particularly on our starboard side. 

There was also a lot of towns and farms along the waterfront as well. Mansions to shanty’s. 

Every now and then on the side were platforms piled up, waiting to be put together like a jigsaw to make a floating bridge for military traffic or I guess emergency evacuation if or when needed.

Starting so early and with no problems we came through the canal and into the Mediterranean at 2 pm. 

It was an exciting day and we spent the day going from side to side and front to back, with wonderful cooling swims in the pool. 

Another box ticked and a lot of happy travellers.

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