What can I say ” we love Barcelona” . This was our third trip here in 7 years and decided to use the hop on hop off buses again and we did both the green and red lines. This showed us a few places that we would like to visit next time we come and I’m sure we will definitely be back and hopefully for a month stay. These two routes took us all day as each was over two hours in length and we only hopped off to enjoy a nice pizza for lunch along with the requisite beer for James and a glass of red wine for me. 
Another stop for a coffee later to also hook onto some wifi meant it was close to 7 pm before we caught up with Paul and Michelle for a jug of Sangria and a few tapas plates before heading back to the ship.

We didn’t take a lot of photos to add to the hundreds we’ve already taken previously 

but really enjoyed seeing familiar places and even sat and had a drink at the same place we had sat with Melissa Porter in 2015 when she drove down to visit us before we took off on our tour of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
Today marked the change over of Captaincy of our beautiful and friendly Sea Princess and we along with Paul and Michelle and many others will get a chance to meet him at several cocktail parties they invite the guests to.

The last captain was very good looking and we wonder how this new one will stack up in not only the looks department but personality.
Sail away was 11 pm and after four days in a row of shore stops it was no surprise that we along with only a small handful of people were on top deck to watch the ship slide out of her mooring at Barcelona and start the sail to our next stop Cadiz where we are expected to arrive on the 3rd of July. This is the port we will use to drive into Seville, another favourite of ours from our trip in 2015.

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