Did I mention we love Spain! Seville is another city we look forward to coming back to.We did the ships tour this time as it was the easiest way to get into the city from Cadiz. 

There are always good and bad when you take a large group tour and it’s frustrating when there is so much time wasted on toilet stops ( one was over 45 minutes as there were 7 buses there at same time) and long lunches when there are so many things to see and you know people are missing out on valuable visiting time. Still it was very warm and the sit down in the cool was welcome. 

We saw the same places we had been to in 2015 but we saw more of the gardens of the alcazar Palace this time which was great. 



We saw less this time of the Cathedral and didn’t get to climb the bell tower but still a nice visit and it’s always pleasant to stroll the alleyways of the Jewish quarter although it hasn’t really been a Jewish area since sometime in the 15 th century. 
After our lunch with a few glasses of wine, only doable as sitting in air conditioning it was off to our favourite place the plaza which was built for the 1929 exhibition, showcasing each of the regions of Spain. 

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