As the ship landed in Dover and we weren’t heading into London as some were, we walked off the ship about 9:00 am and took the ship shuttle into Dover town centre and caught the local bus into Canterbury for the day.Really enjoyed the countryside as we weaved our way through narrow laneways and hedgerows. 

Canterbury is another of those beautiful preserved towns with a magnificent Cathedral, which was hosting university graduation week, meaning re couldn’t go into the main nave, but for a reduced price we did see lots as this is a HUGE Structure with crypts, a Quire, Cloisters and gardens which flow into Kings School next door.

We had a lovely walk long the river flowing through town where punting takes place, and enjoyed the gardens and open spaces during yet again another beautiful day weather wise.

Strolled through the town centre popping into all sorts of different shops and after a relaxing beer in a pub courtyard headed for the bus back to Dover and onto our floating home.

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