Norway the land of the midnight sun. And it’s true we are here just at the time before it begins to start getting ten minutes of darkness per night. This will start July 21st.

Norway! Somewhere we’ve been looking forward to since we booked this trip.

We have three stops here, Gravdal, Tromso and Honningsvag. 

Today was Gravdal, the Lofoton Islands and WOWSERS!! What a scenic wonderland.

Everything was a picture postcard and it was a very happy group of people who left our private tour at the end of just over 5 hours. We were really pleased as we had to tender on to the island and you’re never sure whether the swell will allow the captain to make the call that it’s safe to use them.

I don’t even know how many stops we had! But we sure did cover some ground. Fishing villages, museums, old timber church, beaches and photo stops.
It was just candy for the eye and senses the whole day. 

The most unexpected sight was the amount of camper vans we saw!! Literally hundreds. A few caravans but mostly campervans. 

You would want a good doona and heater because although it’s summer today it was around 8- 10 degrees. The guide told us that people think that it’s freezing here in winter, but the average temperature in winter is -1 degree. It’s the wind factor that makes it cold. The average in summer is 12%!

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