Our second day in Norway, and we are docked alongside the harbour and it’s only slightly warmer today, either that or we’re getting used to the cooler weather.We had a ship tour today, The highlights of Tromso.

We made sure we were wrapped up and Michelle, James and I had our waterproof jackets that we bought onboard for the bargain price of $39.00.

And we needed them for our trip up the cable car to where we were lucky to find some snow left. This gave us some snow ball fun and madcap capers.
EditNext stop was the arctic church. Not breathtaking after some of the Cathedrals and churches we’ve seen on this trip, but the outside is visually more exciting than the inside. 

Onto the Tromso museum to learn about the Sami, the indigenous people whom settled across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Just like all indigenous people around the world,their story turns sad and hauntingly familiar when the Christian folks turn up and try to eradicate their culture. 
Luckily they have reclaimed their pride in their heritage and have become an integral part of local politics and decision making here in Norway now.
We’ve learned a few cool facts about Norway including their fables about the Trolls and the Vikings, including the fact that Vikings NEVER wore helmets with horns on them! Just another made up fact to make them look more interesting and wicked.
We’ve also learnt about the three traditional house colours, red, yellow and white.

Red was the cheapest to make, cod liver oil, rust and the blood from animals.

Yellow was more expensive and for the middle class, made from cod liver oil and ocre.

White was for the rich people and the most expensive to make, cod liver oil and zinc phosphorus.
After the tour finished we stayed in town and walked the inner city looking for some bargains and coffee.

I managed to use our Norwegian Kroner up buying some good walking sandals.



Those who know me well, will know that I’m a little bit of a coffee snob and slight addict. So you will be surprised to learn that since boarding the ship in Sydney I have not found the ships coffee to my liking, even the ones from the cafe. Consequently I have cut my coffee intake to the occasional sip of James latte onboard and one every now and again onshore.

Today we had the best coffee we’ve had since leaving Australia and in all honesty we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much better the coffee in Europe has become. More and more are using better beans and machines and it is really noticeable.

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