It’s funny how two different couples can do two different tours of the same location and have completely opposite experiences and views of the landscape.In Reykjavik James and I did the Golden triangle and Paul and Michelle went to the Blue lagoon swimming and walked into town. Their overview was that the landscape was bleak and moonlike, whereas we saw green, green green all day long.
In a similar itinerary to our day in Akureyri, we visited National parks, Geysers and waterfalls. Thingvellir National Park was established in 1930, this area holds historical, cultural and is a national beauty heritage site.

It holds the largest natural lake and amazing views of the mid Atlantic continental rift.

Strokkur is the name of an explosive geyser that erupts every few minutes and is surrounded by other geysers and mud pools. We were impressed with the beautiful little wild flowers that grow here too. In stark a contrast to the bleak surrounds of the geyser area in Akureyri, this area was in a lush green belt.

Everywhere along the countryside you see little groups of sheep, a few cows and LOTS of Icelandic horses. They are very cute! Small and hardy they stay outside all year round. Many are exported to Germany and it is believed it won’t be long before there are more in Germany than in Iceland.

One of our last stops was to the Gullfoss waterfall. Or the Golden waterfall.

It often had rainbows and with its three natural curving cascades that then plunge into a deep gorge it is impressive in every way.

The only downer was just as we were about to leave a body came down the falls right beside me and I was the first to give alert. I’m thankful I didn’t take a photo and there were plenty of others whom were able to make contact with the police and I’m sure there is photographic evidence from others, even unwittingly taken. They hadn’t been able to recover the body at the time we left Iceland and its likely it could be caught in the deep gorge. A hard image to get out of our head for the next few days yet.

It’s a reminder of why there are warning signs which need to be adhered to.

It is 9 weeks tomorrow Saturday 22 no July that we have been on the ship, leaving 6 weeks to go. Loving every day.

One Reply to “REYKJAVIK, ICELAND: 19th July”

  1. Hi Guys, I Love reading all your adventures. That landscape is amazing.
    All’s well on the coast. Weather has been amazing, but once the sun goes down it does get cold. Chat soon Annette


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