As the cruise heads into our tenth week at sea, having five sea days to relax, catch up on washing, sleeping, reading, gym, chatting with friends and going to shows etc feels like a holiday in itself.

Chinese laundry above.

So far I’m pleased to report that I haven’t used the general lifts yet,I have been in the golden glass lift a couple of times just for the novelty of it and this is only between a couple of floors. 

We keep saying we’ll have buns of steel by the end of our time onboard, not sure if it’s working but I have definitely found that doing stairs on tours a lot easier so it is paying dividends.

The last few days at sea have been punctuated with the sound of the ships horn as we are in heavy fog so if there are whales out there to be seen we’re not able to sight them in the soup of weather out there.

 Luckily they’re not showing the titanic at the moment! 
It is incredible the people on here that will moan about anything and everything, they’re a smaller group than those of us who can’t believe how amazing this trip is and how wonderful the staff and organisation is to provide everyone with this totally fantastic experience, but, those poor souls who can’t find joy in their lives do make you want to slap their face, one woman told me she wouldn’t come on this ship again because there was some rust in her shower!!! For goodness sake apart from the fact it’s a plastic cubicle to start with…. I looked at her and said ” just don’t talk to me” at the time we were sailing through desert and the lives of the people there are really hard, and here is someone so privileged to be on a world cruise complaining about something so inane, you just shake your head and feel sorry for them.
Michelle and I have enjoyed using the hot spas at the back of the ship during our time around Norway and Iceland then having a sauna at the end. Several times we have been the only ones there and it has felt like we have our own private resort.
Next week before we get into New York I have my second appointment at the hairdressers onboard. 

You can see we really are living our normal everyday life as well as enjoying the travelling experience. 
We put our clocks back and occasionally forward, mostly back and enjoy the extra hour sleep in and we can’t believe how quick the day goes. 

There’s a guest talent show today and several people we know are taking part and in a few days the choir will perform again.

The shows have continued to entertain us, some not our thing but hey there generally is something for everyone and there is always dancing with live musicians somewhere.
It’s July so hearing that Australians and NZers often have a Christmas in July celebration, the ship organised for an afternoon of carolling with a snow machine as well, even Santa made an appearance.

I have to again mention the food. Truly they really try to give you variety and constant high quality. Most nights we do eat at our designated table in the dining room but occasionally we will go to pizza or have dinner in the Horizon court for a change. 

There is a steakhouse that you pay a surcharge for but we haven’t felt we needed to do that as the size of the steaks there are so huge we couldn’t face that much meat and to be honest the food everywhere else is so good we don’t see the need to pay the extra.

When we’re in port and time allows we enjoy eating off board and soaking up the local atmosphere.

Our dining room table mate Rudi had invited us to his balcony cabin this evening to have pre dinner drinks with himself and his daughter Diana before she gets off in New York and as its formal night as an elite passenger they have organised canapés to be bought to their room as well, which is a perk once you hit elite status, also at the beginning of each new sector they get a minibar refill so we’re hitting the mini bar tonight. We have enjoyed Diana’s company as we did Sylvia his friend on the previous sector.
Our next stop is Halifax, Canada and then its the Big Apple, New York.

Along with Michelle and Paul we have booked the two day hop on hop off bus. 
We have been making our shopping lists and will make a list of things we want to see and go from there. It’s great having two full days to tick off a few things and will still give us things to look forward to next time.


  1. Hi Jacki & James. As I’ve said before love reading what your up to. Very happy you are stairing it 😜. Very jealous about your time in the big apple. Enjoy. Did my trekkers walk today …. Patonga to Elephant rock. Fantastic weather we’re having at the moment, cold once the sun goes down but days amazing. There predicting 26 on Sunday. Keep enjoying love annette


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