So we arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on a cold and wet morning and after a fairly long wait while they got the gangway happening we were off on a tour through the beautiful countryside to Peggy’s Cove, its a lovely fishing village with a great story to how it got its name and a picturesque lighthouse to boot.

There are some lovely local art galleries and cafes which got a quick glance, we would have liked longer here to do it all justice and hopefully one day we will get back here.

Unfortunately our camera had a few rain drops on that we didn’t pick up on and some of our favourite pictures aren’t as great as we hoped.

There’s a lovely carved memorial to the people of Peggy’s cove by De Garf, a famous sculpture whom lived here for a long time near the end of his life. The above photo is just a small section of it.

 The drive there and back into Halifax was a real highlight and it was just on midday when we returned and started the next part of our planned day, the hop on hop off bus, in truth we could have almost walked to most places but we managed to visit the maritime museum which had some fabulous ship models and a interesting section on the Titanic tragedy as a lot of the bodies were bought back here.

I wanted to get to the cemetery to see a few of the graves but time didn’t allow as we also visited the local public gardens the army fort and the waterfront area as well. 

As we drove around on the bus we got to see quite a few of the different houses. Which you can see come in all sizes and conditions. 

It was a pretty full day in Halifax and we only have one rest day before NEW YORK!!!!

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