What a contrast from our last port of call New York. You couldn’t find a more relaxed, pretty town and we soaked it up and felt very relaxed and comfortable here.We disembarked and were hitting the streets by 9 am. 

Charleston is a lovely flat walk place and we started dock side of Market st and went through the different pavilions that make up their actual market stores.

We all thoroughly enjoyed these as it wasn’t your usual cheap tat, but rather lots of lovely handmade and quality, jewellery, clothing, shoes,homewares, baked goods,paintings etc. 

James and I both bought watches that we have been looking to get the whole trip, lovely ones from Denmark and nice and flat with big faces for us oldies.

I got a new bag which again I’d been looking for, for a while. James spotted these things and we also both got new sunglasses and we tried some different flavoured biscuits which we would call scones. 

We headed down battery on the waterfront and stopped to do a tour of Calhoun mansion. What a hoot! Unfortunately not allowed to take photos inside as its full to the rafters of collectibles from the current owner. 

It is totally crammed in and it’s hard to believe that they actually live here with all this chaos collecting around them.

From stuffed animals ( some full size) clocks, tables, paintings, church altars, ivory chairs, rhino teeth chandelier, among many Tiffany ones, artifacts from around the world, there is not an inch to spare and to say they are hoarders would be more precise than collectors. It’s a shame really as there were some beautiful beautiful things but totally lost in such surroundings.


We saw so many, many, many beautiful homes it feels like we spent most of the day ooohing and ahhing and peeking into people’s immaculate gardens.

Just before 4 pm we hopped on a mule carriage ride and had a great talk by the driver and when we finished that at about 1/4 past 5 we were ready for a beer.

We went to a bar closer to the ship and after there we walked to Verdue st and went up to the rooftop bar there, where they had a lovely singer and Michelle and I enjoyed a cocktail and a wine while James had a few Corona’s. 

There was a beautiful sunset to watch before we headed back to the ship and after 11 1/2 hours it was a happy crew that said goodbye to Charleston, with good memories of a wonderful day.


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