We ended up having a late arrival into Key West which was a shame as we probably could have ticked off our to do and see list with an extra three hours. 

Still we enjoyed our time here even though it was sticky hot. 

We had to take shuttles into town as we were docked one of the three navy bases and we were not allowed to walk through the base.

Still the shuttle gave us a nice little talk going in so that was a bonus.

We headed into Mallory Square and decided that we would do the length of Duval st which runs from one side of the island to the other and has the main shopping and restaurants.

The nice part of this is that the shops are mostly in converted colonial style homes and are colourful and full of street appeal and character.

I’ve always wanted to go to the original Jimmy Buffets, Margaritaville, so was pleased to pop in and have a look.

We didn’t stop here for a meal or drink instead went to a nice courtyard bar with $4 margaritas and 3 for $6 tacos. It also had a great guitar/ singer and nice shady trees to add to the atmosphere.

It took us all our time to do both sides of the street, take a look at the so called beach area that wasn’t too flash.

The above photo is the most attractive part of the beach area, unfortunately this is what the water looked like in the below photo.

Totally unappealing.
We walked past Earnest Hemmingways home but didn’t go in, something to do next time.

KEY WEST, is a cute little place and we were glad we got to go and when we got back on ship we were relieved to have a swim and relax from the heat.

This was our last stop for the U.S.A as you would imagine as it is the southernmost point of the states. Our next stop Cartagena, Colombia. 

Below are a few extra photos from our day.

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