LIMA, PERU: 9th -12th AUGUST.

We arrived early into Lima to allow immigration to be completed for those leaving us for Machu Picchu. But it still was just before midday that we were off the ship.
We had a ships tour booked for our first day here and as usual there’s always a Cathedral or a Monastery to be seen.

This one in the Plaza Mayor had some great crypts as well.

Note all the police on horseback in the background. The president was having a meeting in the presidential palace and they were expecting a protest/ strike from the teachers to come into the square.

Above the Presidential palace.

Below photos from inside the Cathedral.


Next we moved on to the church of the saints. Below is Saint Rosa.

We were very fortunate to visit Casa Garcia- Alvarado belonging to the same family for over 100 years and the gorgeous Anna Marie welcomed us into her home and we enjoyed Pisco sours and nibbles in her courtyard. 

Onto Miraflores and the park of love, with great ocean views along the way. 

We stayed here in Miraflores instead of taking the tour bus back to the ship as we were only a few hundred metres from the Central Restaurant where we had a 7:45 pm booking. 

Instead we spent the next few hours in the Lacroma mall, you can’t see it from the road as it’s built under the road and carved into the hillside with the same ocean views. As it got darker the lights of the city came on and transformed the skyline. 

Our dinner was in a very discreet looking building which you could easily pass by.

It was some experience and the menu for our 11 course tastings was all about the different elevations from the sea to the mountains. This year the Central restaurant was voted fourth best restaurant in the world. 

Then it was time to go home to our beautiful and always friendly Sea Princess.
Our second day we slept in and took the ships shuttle into Plaza Salavery and looked at the shops. We weren’t really into doing much more today as we’re both at the end of a cold and were expecting to be leaving for San Martin, Pisco that evening but as it turned out the port authorities in Pisco have closed the port due to bad weather coming and we’re staying another night and day here. 

This will give us the opportunity to maybe grab an uber and do a few extra tourist sites. 
Day three came along and with news from the at. We would be departing sometime early the next morning Saturday 12th.

We took the ships shuttle into the Plaza shopping centre drop off and hired a taxi at an hourly rate to take us to the Larco museum and Huaca Pucllana.

The Larco Herrera museum founded in 1926 was fantastic, set in beautiful manicured grounds with prolific bougainvillea flowering all over the walls etc. 

inside was an incredible collection of Peruvian gold and silver jewellery, textiles and huaco ceramics. Fascinating and you are also able to view their storage collection as well. 

The above photo is of nose rings they used.

After about an hour and a half here we went to Huaca Pucllana ruins, the remains of the Lima Culture. It was developed over the period 200 tom700 AD. 

It is an adobe pyramid of seven platforms which are now completely surrounded by the suburb of Miraflores.

Here the Wari culture is also evidenced along with multiple tombs and remains of human sacrifices as well.

All very interesting and we were glad we made the most of the extra day to get a bit more in. 

We sailed away in the very early hours and hopefully we will make it ashore at Easter Island. Only one in five ships make it in for tendering, so we’ll see how we go.

Due to our extended visit in Lima we had to miss Pisco and also have cancelled scenic cruising around Pitcairn island. Nothing can control the weather and its best to be safely harboured than getting smashed by weather. 

Next stop EASTER ISLAND, as long as the sea plays nice.

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