As five out of six ships don’t make it in to anchor off shore and tender their guests off to the island, we counted ourselves extremely lucky that we were able to go ashore.I was even more fortunate as I had excruciating 😖 tooth pain from a crown. Although I had plenty of pain killers was worried it would be Tahiti before I could get it seen too.

The ship organised for us to be off on one of the first tenders and we were met at the port with a sign bearing our name and a lovely driver whom stayed with us to help translate first at the local hospital where we were told no chance that day, and luckily one of the patients told our driver that the private dentist was in town.

So off we went into the local village, down dirt roads with two room cabins surrounded by chickens, dogs and children all running wild.

We stopped in front of one of these cabins and there inside was a waiting room and a completely professional dental hospital.

How lucky was I ! 

The dentist was able to see me half an hour later and after accessing the crown needed a little filing down etc with a script for a few painkillers etc and a hug from our lovely lady dentist we were off to fill script and relax with coffee in town before starting our organised ship tour that afternoon. Couldn’t believe how incredibly lucky I was and was quick to go and thank the staff onboard who made it all possible.
We found a lovely little cafe in town and enjoyed a couple of coffees and toast.

The township and surrounding villages have a wonderful island feel and a nice relaxed charm. 

Our tour guide Chris originally from Virginia but a long time resident, was full of information and gave us a great commentary as we visited Orongo village and Ahu Akivi.
Below picture of the 7 Moai, the only ones of the 900 on the island facing the ocean.
 They think they represent seven young explorers and there is evidence of sacrifices having taken place there as well.

Orongo Village is actually a sixteenth century ceremonial site including the bird man cult. It is very nearby a large crater which was very impressive and totally belied its size.

Tendering in can be quite a challenge and kudos to the pilots on our tenders for getting us in safely. 

Local outrigger crew out for a paddle.

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