As our incredible trip starts to wind down with only a few ports of call left before we farewell all our New Zealand friends and we make the trip across to Sydney we certainly enjoyed arriving in French Polynesia to Papeete.

Unfortunately due to the bad weather we experienced for a few days we arrived over six hours late into port.

We were fortunate that our private tour was able to be accommodated with the later arrival and we were greeted by William our guide for a tour in his comfortable air conditioned van around the island. We were a group of six so extremely easy to stop and see all that William wanted to show us.
Beautiful gardens and waterfalls, a blow hole as we circumnavigated the island we saw lots of the coastline with surfers, paddle boards and locals going about their day. The sand is black here in Papeete and even the locals have been singing the praises of our next stop Bora Bora with its white sands and lagoons.
We ended our day having a walk along The waterfront past the roulette food vans and onto the Bora Bora pub for a beer before walking onto another bar offering pitchers of beer with Paul and Michelle and back onto the beautiful and always friendly Sea Princess and we were all tucked up in bed before the ship finally left dockside late due to refuelling in the shortened time in Papeete. 

The boat in the background the one The Packer family owned, not sure if they still do.

A very friendly greeting by the locals.


  1. Can’t believe that its coming to an end. What a wonderful trip you have had.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.
    By the way were going to be grandparents again. Love Annette


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