BORA BORA, the pearl of the pacific, ( black pearls that is), Heaven on earth, paradise, what ever superlative you want to use is not wasted on this dream location. Again we arrived in, about an hour late due to our late departure from Papeete but Captain Aldo said we can stay an hour later to make sure we get our full time here, guess no one is minding if we get in a little late in Auckland especially those having to disembark there.
We had another private tour booked here with our friends from the cruise critic forum and it came highly recommended and BOY were we in for the day of our lives! 

Bora Bora would have to win the most natural beautiful spot we’ve been to and almost the closest to home makes it a special way to finish off what has been an impressive, amazing cruise.

We were met onshore after tendering off by Patrick and his team and were one of three outrigger boats they were hosting for the  day, each taking 12 people.

Quickly we were off to swim with sharks!!! Sting rays!!! and snorkel over coral reefs with beautiful tropical fish in the clearest turquoise waters surrounding lush green vegetation and rising majestic mountains.

What a feast for the eyes, the soul and all senses. We felt we were in a dream and the dream lasted all day.

Over the whole day we circumnavigated the whole island. 

After our three spots for snorkelling and swimming where whenever Patrick needed us to come back to the boat he called us from his shell horn we were off to a beautiful lagoon where Patrick called us over for the opening of the oven for a traditional Hangi style lunch, of suckling pig, chicken with spinach, BBQ fish, plantain, taro, breadfruit, bananas all helped down beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks or juice. 

Then it was time for a bit of traditional fire twirling before we were sadly told it was time to leave. 

A sad but happy group enjoyed the trip back to harbour and we waved our fantastic guide goodbye.

Day not quite over yet! My darling James helped me choose a pair of Tahitian black pearl earrings as my souvenir of our great day and of course I had to wear them for our sail away as the sun went down and we partied on the back top deck as Bora Bora became a distant speck on the horizon but not in our hearts. 



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