Our arrival into Auckland was right on schedule and was bittersweet. 

Having been told it was going to be a bleak day weather wise it was a pleasant surprise to encounter clouds clearing to some bright blue and by the time we were off the ship the temperature had risen enough to not need jackets.
It was tainted by a sad and teary farewell to our bestie travelling friends Paul and Michelle as their world cruise came to an end and they go back to reality.

No words can describe the fun having these two mates on board with us has added to our trip. I can’t believe we won’t be dining with them tonight in the dining room and planning our nights entertainment. Only hope it’s not too long before we plan another adventure together.

James and I headed off the ship found a coffee shop and after my first flat white in a long time we booked an uber and headed to Te Atatu Peninsula to my mum and dads place.

Happy to find them both looking well and we soon hopped into my brothers car that he had left there for us to use and we headed back towards the city but veering off to go through the new tunnel and then onto Cornwall park for a delicious lunch.

Cornwall park is a beautiful space with lots of great walking and new lambs were spotted out and about on the hills.

We took the long way home through Mt Roskill, Hillsborough, Blockhouse Bay and Titirangi and enjoyed relaxing before my brother Graeme and his two sons Alistair and Nicholas came over and we left for dinner at a Thai restaurant. We had bought two bottles of wine with us off the ship that we had bought in Italy to help wash down the lovely meal.

Graeme bought us back to the ship and it was nice that mum and dad got to see our home for the last 100 days.

Back “home” James and I had a cuppa up in the bistro and as the Sea Princess left her dock for the final few days sailing across the Tasman to Sydney I went out on deck to take a photo of the city of sails and waved goodbye to a lovely day and our friends and family that we left behind.

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